Othello De'Souza-Hartley

Photographer and visual artist

Masculinity Project

The project explores notions of masculinity in the present-day. The work also has components consisting of Phase 1, a portrait series of male participants, Phase 2 a video project, and Phase 3 which is a photographic project using myself as the subject. Phase 4 explores masculinity in North of England. Phase 6 is a sound piece constructed of interviews with men discussing their masculinity.

My interest in masculinity grew out of questions of my own masculinity. Often I have been mistaken for being homosexual. I can be very masculine at times in my thoughts and my physical size. Yet I am aware I am very in touch with my feminine side. What I am trying to explore through my work is the vulnerability in my own masculinity and other men in today’s society. I am questioning what is my perception of masculinity and other men's today. What does it consist of and the foundations that it is based upon? Is masculinity a performance?

Fundamentally, what is masculinity in the 21st Century?

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